Saturday, January 4, 2014

Best Friends

My sister Lynn's eulogy for my mother yesterday.

I never expected to be here doing this. I thought of my mom aging and somehow always pushed the thoughts away. A couple of months ago Mom and I had a discussion about dying and she said to me that she wasn’t ready, she didn’t want to die. Mom had a way of being that made me feel that she would always be here, that dying was not a possibility and that comforted me. 

After my dad passed away 13 years ago, it seemed Mom and I got close and closer. We truly became best friends. I could and did tell her everything. I have many dear friends that I confide in but ultimately pouring my heart out to my mom always felt like a healing, no matter what it was I had going on in my life. Mom knew me better than anyone. I’d usually apologize for whining and she’d apologize back for whining too. So, we mutually whined and it was okay. We each trusted we could be honest. Last year when I played my show downtown, for 3 weeks she’d wait up for me nightly when I’d return near midnight. We’d talk, eat, drink wine, laugh, hold hands while sitting in the side by side recliners and watch TV till the wee hours….. One night I decided to bring home White Castle sliders since neither one of us had ever had that delight before. We had an absolute blast.

I have been thinking of what I wanted to share here. Truthfully, It’s really simple; just to say how much I love Mom and how greatly I will miss her. In reflecting on my feelings, I decided to go to Facebook (who doesn’t?!) and look at my year in review. I had numerous posts about my Mom but the most poignant one says everything I need to say:

May 12, 2013

My Mom and my best friend. I thank you Mom for always being there for your still little girl. I love you.


Ari Hilton said...

Simple. Exquisite. The epitome of the love that can only come from an unconditional bond.

Mano Marks said...

Lynn, thank you for sharing this. I know that this is both a moment of private loss but also a public one that you share with all of us, for she was such a mom to the world. Thank you for sharing her and your loss with us. Tracy and I will miss her, and are sending you our love and prayers.

Lise Bennett said...

Beautiful Lynn. I'm sure your mom would have tears in her eyes after reading such a tribute from her best friend. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of this very special bond. Sending you love and support.

Out Youth said...

Lynn, that's the greatest tribute to kith or kin. Thanks for sharing and for reminding me to remind my mom how much I love her. Love you, too, pal! ~ Lisa Rogers

Lisa Rogers said...

Lynn, thanks so much for sharing and reminding me to remind my mom how much I love her. Love you, pal. ~ Lisa